Friday, November 2, 2012

EcoMakers and OSU Tailgate Event

Despite a cold and rainy day, the EcoMakers managed to throw a great tailgate with the Buckeyes of The Ohio State University for the Purdue/OSU football game. With lots of food, hot chocolate and OSU’s cars, a great deal of discussion went on between the teams. Jokes and stories were shared amongst the teams, and we even got some tips of mistakes not to make while fabricating our car (thanks for those y’all!) Some of the students even got to experience some of the great traditions that OSU has for their football games. Several people even stopped to ask us questions about the cars and what EcoCAR 2 is all about! It was great to be able to have some fun with a great group of students for a change (instead of sitting in a lab all day). After the tailgate, we got to experience a game at the well-known Horseshoe! It was a close game, but as many of you know, OSU came out on top. We were extremely proud of our Boilermakers though for their great game!

We are very grateful for the amazing hospitality that the folks on the OSU EcoCAR 2 Team showed to our team! We cannot wait to host y’all here in West Lafayette next year and to show you how the Boilermakers do it! And a big shout-out to Sarah Jadwin’s parents for being our cooks for the day. Y’all were awesome and we are so grateful for your input into our great experience at The Ohio State University!

EcoMakers and OSU Team Members

EcoMakers at OSU!

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