Monday, April 29, 2013

Faurecia goes the extra mile for the Purdue Ecomaker team

Faurecia has teamed up with Purdue and agreed to assist in designing and developing an exhaust system for Purdue’s 1.7 L diesel hybrid vehicle.  Throughout the past year Purdue and Faurecia have met to discuss the exhaust design which includes, the exhaust routing, heat shielding, SCR and DPF systems, and tuning. Testing was performed on the stock vehicle to determine how the team at Faurecia should tune to diesel hybrid.

Due to the complex Packaging required to route the exhaust around the rear suspension and motor the complex bends would have been near imposable to fabricate without Faurecia’s help. "Faurecia has the ability to take a CAD file of an exhaust system and bend it to the exact dimensions required in the same fashion as a traditional exhaust would be constructed for a production vehicle." says technical team member Chris Rhoades. The ability to make a precision exhaust system was key to meet Purdue’s packaging strategy where the exhaust comes just millimeters from other critical components in the drivetrain. Faurecia has also helped with the integration of a SCR system to reduce the NOX emissions generated by the diesel engine. The reduction of these critical pollutants will make Purdue’s diesel capable of meeting Purdue’s goal of creating a vehicle that is greener than anything currently on the market.

In the coming month, Faurecia will help the EcoMakers integrate the dosing strategy into the vehicle’s controller. During year three Faurecia will be performing acoustic test on Purdue’s hybrid Malibu. The goal of the testing will be to tune the new exhaust to sound as close to the original Malibu as possible. The tuning will take place at Faurecia’s test track located in Columbus, Indiana. With the assistance of Faurecia’s tuning experts the exhaust system tone will be perfected, heat shielding will be installed, and the SCR system will the integrated. 

As sponsors, Faurecia has provided a huge service to the EcoMakers by not only giving us the ability to create an exhaust system that would have been impossible without them but also assisting with the reduction of critical exhaust emissions. The acoustic tuning provided to us will assist the team in making a vehicle that looks and sounds like something you would expect to find in the showroom of a Chevrolet dealer.

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