Monday, April 29, 2013

Installing the engine no easy task for Ecomakers

As this team has learned, if you expect something to go smoothly and work the first time, add about two weeks to the timeline. Nothing was different when working on the getting the front drivetrain up and running. One of the biggest issues we had was everyone having an open schedule (apparently professors think we need to complete these things called exams and homework?!?! How lame!) So after we were able to work out everyone’s schedules to be able to work, it still didn’t go well.
Via CAD, several of the students designed a spacer to put in between the engine and transmission to help fit everything together. The design and fabrication of the piece went very smoothly. Once we installed the spacer, we began to have issues. We tried to attach the engine to the transmission, but that did not work. After a few hours of looking and trying to identify the problem, we discovered that the spacer was too long. We then received access to a HAAS machine through one of the departments to grind everything down (there were several iterations of the grinding, attempting to install again, grinding again, etc. over several days). At 12 AM one morning, we attempted to bolt everything back together to discover it was still too long. At that point, we did not want to give up and decided that we would attempt to grind it down. To make a long story short, Haley ground down a little too far and sheared off the center shaft that lined everything up. But this ended up fixing all the problems.
As always, we learned how important team work is and how important getting enough sleep is. Thankfully, with a great amount of hard work, we got the car together and off to inspection with EcoCAR 2 at Ohio State University!

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